Did you know that our skin is aging from 30 onwards and this is the most common cause to develop droopy, hanging eyes or ptosis?

Ptosis, drooping, sagging,  hooded eyelids can have a major impact on your physical and mental health. Not only is ptosis a cosmetic or aesthetic problem, but can also cause physical symptoms. People with ptosis often look less healthy, sleepy, bored, tired, sad or uninterested. In many cases the lashes constantly irritate the eye, sometimes causing tearing or redness which is very uncomfortable. When the ptosis (sagging or drooping eyelid) is severe, it can even lead to obstructed vision. The result of ptosis is often that the eyebrows are pulled up to reduce the suffering from the hanging upper eyelids. In the course of the day this can become very tiring. The continuous raising of the eyebrows may cause or aggravate frown lines and wrinkles in the forehead.

The most common cause for droopy, hanging eyelids or ptosis is (normal) aging. The changes of the upper eyelids are mainly because the skin loses its elasticity and the tendon that attaches the levator muscle, the major muscle that lifts the eyelid, can stretch and cause the eyelid to fall and rest on the eyelashes. 


•               special ptosis glasses
•               upper eyelid surgery
•               NEW Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift

Lily  Leading Instant Eye Lift: 

lifts, shapes and brightens your eyes in seconds 
with a guaranteed natural look without surgery
easy, safe, comfortable and discreet

Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift is developed and designed to instantly restore droopy,  hooded or sagging eyelids to a more healthy, symmetric and youthful shape. Lily is a nonsurgical, safe, affordable eye lift with sensational visible results without side effects or recovery time in just seconds. Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift provides relief from both cosmetic- and functional problems caused by ptosis, drooping, sagging or hooded eyelids.


Lily is a very thin invisible high quality medical grade, upper eyelid strip made of silicon, known and used after (plastic) surgery to improve wound healing and reduce the forming of scar tissue. The Lily strips provide the support necessary to lift and shape the sagging upper eyelid skin, resulting in a symmetrical, natural and youthful shape of the eyes, making them look rejuvenated, brightened and healthy, without side effects, surgery and down time in just seconds. Lily comes with a protective and nourishing gel. The gel improves adhesion and makes repositioning of the strips and removal easy without damaging the delicate skin of the upper eyelid. The results are amazing.

Anyone with one or two deep-set eyes or drooping eyelids can expect good results with Lily. In most cases, the improvement stunning. The outcome for people with very short / small eyelids or very long eyelids is somewhat difficult to predict.

Use Lily every day, all day (up to 18 hours per day), or only for special occasions when you want to look your best, for example: when you have your picture taken or a party. Lily is a must-have for every makeup artist and makeover.

Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift will be available in April / May 2012

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Lily is a product from The Leading Injectable Centers of the World®  Quality in Beauty
Developed and recommended by leading medical doctors

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