Do you have hooded eyes and want them opened up? Here is what you need to know. 

Many people are born with “hooded eyes”.  This term can be loosely defined as eyes that are set in such a way that the skin above the eye protrudes over the natural crease of the eyelid.  The crease of the eyelid is the line on the lid that forms the back curve of the eyelid when the eye is open. Hooded generally means eyelids that are partly covered by skin when the eyes are open. The main reason is bone structure, and therefor it can been seen in all ages, even young persons. It’s likely that everyone’s eyes will eventually become hooded as a result of aging. Hooded eyelids tend to drag the eyes downward, sometimes creating a closed and sagging appearance.
Hooded eyelids tend to drag the eyes downward, sometimes creating a closed and sagging appearance
Hooded, as it relates to bone structure, describes a brow area above the lids that juts out a bit, causing the skin that covers the area just below the eyebrows to obscure part of the eyelids along the curve of the lid.  In younger people, the skin that covers a portion of the eyelid is not actually sagging, even though it may have the appearance of heaviness. This type of eye structure is also called “bedroom eyes”, as it appears seductive to some people.  Some well known celebrities have hooded eyelids. 
The word hooded is also used to describe large eyelids that have no distinct shape or definition.  This type of lid does not have the crease that creates an eyelid in deeper set eyes. 
Hooded eyelids are common among those of Asian descent, and unlike the previous description of a more pronounced brow, it’s an eye configuration that results from a flatter, smoother bone structure.  
The difference between hooded eyes and droopy eyelids is that unlike hooded eyes which people are born with, eyelid droop usually occurs over time and is associated with loss of elasticity in the skin above the eye.

For those looking to open up the eyelid area,  Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift  can create the look of a full eyelid by lifting and supporting the skin that’s covering the eyelid underneath.
Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift is developed and designed to instantly restore droopy, hooded or sagging eyelids to a more healthy, symmetric and youthful shape. Lily is a nonsurgical, safe, affordable eye lift with sensational visible results without side effects or recovery time in just seconds. Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift provides relief from both cosmetic- and functional problems caused by ptosis, drooping, sagging or hooded eyelids.

Here is a picture of my eyes. The left eye is hooded and sagging, hanging on my lashes. It makes me look old, tired and the eyelids feel even heavy. The right eye is opened up, lifted, with a visible crease giving me a much younger, more healthy and natural look.
Eye makeup on the hooded upper eyelid is difficult to apply, smutching and is sometimes hardly visible. There are some great tutorials you can watch on YouTube about eye make-up for hooded eyes.

You can combine them with Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift for an even more amazing look!


Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift is a thin invisible high quality medical grade, upper eyelid strip made of silicon, known and used after (plastic) surgery to improve wound healing and reduce the forming of scar tissue. The Lily strips provide the support necessary to lift and shape the upper eyelid skin, resulting in a symmetrical, natural and youthful shape of the eyes, making them look rejuvenated, brightened and healthy, without side effects, surgery and down time in just seconds. Lily comes with a protective and nourishing gel. The gel improves adhesion and makes repositioning of the strips and removal easy without damaging the delicate skin of the upper eyelid. The results are amazing.

Lily is now available. 


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