Some memories are lasting. We pay extra attention to our clothes, makeup and hair, yet sometimes we are not completely satisfied with the result.  This is especially true if you suffer from drooping eyelids, also called ptosis. Sagging eyelids make you look tired, angry or depressed, without actually feeling like this. Drooping eyelids, or ptosis may have various reasons, from which (normal) aging the most common one. Experts have established that our eyes are the first and most important facial feature to reveal aging. Research shows that an eye lift of all cosmetic procedures has the greatest impact when we desire a more youthful appearance.

When you need a quick and easy "refresher" of your eyes for a photo, party, or if you just always want to have a brightened look, we have the solution for you:    Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift

Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift is developed and designed to instantly restore droopy,  hooded or sagging eyelids to a more healthy, symmetric and youthful shape. Lily is a nonsurgical, safe, affordable eye lift with sensational visible results without side effects or recovery time in just seconds. Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift provides relief from both cosmetic- and functional problems caused by ptosis, drooping, sagging or hooded eyelids.

Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift is a thin invisible comfortable high quality medical grade, upper eyelid strip made of silicon, known and used after (plastic) surgery to improve wound healing and reduce the forming of scar tissue. The Lily strips provide the support necessary to lift and shape the sagging upper eyelid skin, resulting in a symmetrical, natural and youthful shape of the eyes, making them look rejuvenated, brightened and healthy, without side effects, surgery and down time in just seconds. Lily comes with a protective and nourishing gel. The gel improves adhesion and makes repositioning of the strips and removal easy without damaging the delicate skin of the upper eyelid. The results are amazing.

Summary of Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift benefits:
  • a very affordable nonsurgical solution for ptosis with immediate visible results without recovery period or side effects
  • instant correction of droopy, hooded or sagging eyelids to a more healthy and youthful shape
  • for both aesthetic and functional use
  • brightens up your look
  • immediately reliefs the heavy feeling on the eyes
  • improves obstructed vision
  • prevents worsening of frown lines and wrinkles in the forehead due to continuous raising of the eyebrows 
  • full reversible effect
  • easy to apply in 3 simple steps and comfortable to wear
  • hypo-allergenic and safe
  • can be adapted to severity of eyelid droop to both eyes separate to restore balance and symmetry
  • is for everybody of 18 years and older, all eye shapes, all skin types, male and female
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Lily is a product from The Leading Injectable Centers of the World®  Quality in Beauty
Developed and recommended by leading medical doctors

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