I guess we all feel tired sometimes. Looking tired, makes us feel even worse. So what can you do when you feel tired and you want to look fresh?

Tiredness comes from lack of quality sleep or poor nutrition or stress from taking on too much. It is important for you to understand why you are feeling tired. If you feel tired often then see a doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition. It may be as simple as including a multivitamin in your daily nutritional intake.

When you feel tired you also look tired. Your skin and eyes look dull and you have rings under your eyes. You may also have bags under your eyes, and your eyelids start hanging and feel heavy. There is no doubt that looking tired ages you. 

If you are sensible you will make sure you eat healthily, exercise moderately and cut back on your workload. However, you do need to instantly get rid of that tired and drawn look. There are a few beauty secrets you can carry out at home:
  • Drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up – not coffee
  • Have a lukewarm shower then turn to cold
  • Place cold cucumber slices over your eyes for five minutes to reduce bags (cold teabags are used for the same purpose)
  • Tone and moisturize your skin
  • If your eyes are red and sore use appropriate eye drops to revive
  • When your upper eyelids are droopy, you might wanna use  Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift with immediate results
Natural, light colors are best for a fresh look. Use a lightly tinted moisturizing foundation. A concealing stick will hide dark rings under the eyes – this is essential. Apply a little shimmer to the cheekbones and eyelids. Mascara will wide the eyes and tinted lip gloss will add freshness. If you wear your up or combed into a ponytail you will look younger and more wide awake.

These tips will instantly make you look alert and radiant. 
However, it is imperative to regularly take care of your sleep (enough), nutrition (balance), mind (activities) and spirit (social and self).

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