Small eyes:
The softer the brow, the bigger the eyes will appear. Pair a soft shade to your brows and lash lines. Smudge a deeper shadow along you’re the top of your lash line and finish with mascara in black / brown.
Close set eyes:
Widen the space between the brows a little by plucking, and extend the pencil line at the ends.
Wide set eyes:
Pencil your eyebrows a little closer to the nose, and do not extend them out at the end.
Bulging eyes:
Tweeze out any hairs that grow down too far over your eyes and raise brows from below. 

Color rules eyebrows

If you lighten your hair two shades or more then adapt your eyebrows too within two shades of your new color.
Blondes’ brows are best in a light-brown pencil.
Redheads’ brows look hot in an auburn pencil during the day, and darker brown for the night.
Brunettes’ brows smolder in deep brown tones; black is best after dark.
Eyebrows too dark? Stroke a concealer pencil over them, followed by translucent powder. This will lighten the brows without really changing the color.
Eyebrows too light? Have them tinted in a darker shade. This will frame your eyes and if you are not good with makeup, this will look most natural. Have it done approximately every six weeks. If you are confident to do it yourself, you can purchase tinting kits at beauty supply stores.

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