One of the causes of droopy eyelids is that the rest tension of muscles in the upper eyelid reduces in time.
Here a 8 exercises to to keep them in shape:

1. Place two fingers on the side of your temples and press. Rapidly close and open your eyes. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

2. Sit upright and look straight. Keep your eyes open and look up and then down without moving your head.

3. Sit upright and look ahead. Keep your eyes open and look to your left and then to your right, without moving your head.

4. Sit and look ahead. Now, close your eyes. Look up and then down, without moving your head.

5. Sit straight and close your eyes. Look to your left and then right, without moving your head.

6. Select a comfortable place, possibly in front of a mirror. Place your index finger under each of your eyebrow. Slowly, lift the eyebrow in the upward direction against the bone of the upper eye socket. Now, slightly lower your upper eyelid, count till 5 and close your eyelid. Now open your eyelid to the count of 6. Repeat this exercise 2-3 times more.

7. Place your fingers on each temple and slightly pull the eyes towards your ears. Open and close your eyes, rapidly for 5-10 times.

8. Select a comfortable position to sit. Keep your eyes open and look ahead. Now, raise your eyebrows and at the same time close the eyelid about halfway. Stop and then lift the eyelids by engaging the muscles of the eyelid and that of underneath the eyebrows. During the second phase of the exercise, you should be able to see the whites of the eyes on top of the pupil. Do this exercise in front of the mirror till you get accustomed to it. Repeat it 10 times.

If you are expecting results overnight, then drooping eyelid exercises are not meant for you. You need to have patience and determination to see the gradual transformation happening.
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