Any botulinum toxin administered around the eye has the potential to affect the muscle that opens the upper eyelid. Botulinum toxin can spread from an injection site approximately 1 inch or 2.5 cm. Since botulinum toxin is a paralyzing toxin, the muscle that opens the lid is technically also paralyzed, which may make it difficult to open the eyelid fully.  

Poor location of the injection and excessive doses of botulinum toxin are the culprits of eyelid drooping. Too much botulinum toxin raises the risk of it traveling to areas it shouldn't, increasing the chance of a drooping eyelid. Location of the injection, experience of the person injecting the botulinum toxin and knowing certain facts---such as the patient should remain in an upright position during the injection and three to four hours after injection---are all factors that lessen the risk of drooping eyelid.

Drooping of the eyelid happens less than 1 percent of the time. Frown line injections and/or injections underneath the "tail" of the eyebrow (to create a brow lift effect) are the treatments that have the most likelihood of producing a droopy eyelid.
The drooping eyelid syndrome is not permanent. It will most likely wear off before the botulinum toxin does. If eyelid drooping starts three to four days after the injection, it will most likely last three to four weeks. If the drooping begins four to six days after the injection, it should go away faster.

Proper administration of botulinum toxin is essential. Seek a board certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon. Ask botulinum toxin providers for references, before and after photos and information about their professional licenses. An experienced professional can help to minimize the likelihood of eyelid drooping. Ultimately, however, you must understand that side effects are a possibility.

After receiving a botulinum toxin injections, do not massage the injected region. Do not take a nap, but remain upright for at least 3 to 4 hours. Try to use the muscles around the eye. Deliberately making the muscles tighten helps confine the protein to the chosen muscle for ablation.


The easiest and fastest way is using  Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift, which can be used to temporary and immediately lift the droopy eyelid without side effects. Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift is a thin invisible comfortable high quality medical grade, upper eyelid strip made of silicon, known and used after (plastic) surgery to improve wound healing and reduce the forming of scar tissue. The Lily strips provide the support necessary to lift and shape the sagging upper eyelid skin, resulting in a symmetrical, natural and youthful shape of the eyes, making them look rejuvenated, brightened and healthy, without side effects, surgery and down time in just seconds. Lily comes with a protective and nourishing gel. The gel improves adhesion and makes repositioning of the strips and removal easy without damaging the delicate skin of the upper eyelid. The results are amazing.

Eyedrop treatments, such as Alphagan or Lopidine, can diminish the lid droop by pulling up the eyelid a bit (anywhere from 1 to 3mm). These drops can help stimulate a different muscle that wasn't affected by the botulinum toxin. 

Alphagan drops
 can be used even if you do not have glaucoma. The only contra-indication to using Alphagan drops is if you are also taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. The reason that Alphagan drops and some other glaucoma drops are used for droopy eyelids after botulinum toxin is that the drops stimulate a muscle in the eyelids which helps elevate them a millimeter or two. The lid elevation was first noted in patients taking the drops for glaucoma, but now the drops are also in common use for temporary relief of droopy lids after botulinum toxin.

Lopidine (Apraclonidine) Eye Drops. These prescription drops work on a tiny muscle in your eyelid and help pull it up 1 to 3 mm. The drops must be repeated a few times a day for a continued effect. If you have drooping eyebrows leading to full eyelids, these eye drops will have no effect. 

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