Blepharophimosis Ptosis Epicanthus inversus Syndrome is a congenital and rare syndrome, where it may be necessary at a very young age to surgically correct the ptosis for the development of good eye sight and avoid a lazy eye and strabismus. 
Blepharophimosis, ptosis, and epicanthus inversus syndrome, either with premature ovarian failure (BPES type I) or without (BPES type II), is caused by mutations in the FOXL2 gene. 

BPES eyelid abnormalities are:

  1. Blepharophimosis: Blepharo means eyelids and 'Phimosis' means closed opening. Blepharophimosis is a strong narrowing of the eyelids (narrowing between the inner and outer corner). In adults, the width of the lid 25 to 30 mm. In adults with BPES this distance is 20-22 mm
  2. Ptosis: both eyelids droop (symmetric) and can hardly be lifted;
  3. Epicanthus inversus: A condition in which a fold of skin that stretches from the lower eyelid upward and toward the nose partially covers the inner canthus. It is often associated with ptosis;
  4. Telecanthus: abnormally increased distance between the medial canthi of the eyelids. There is usually no visible sclera (white of the eye) between the corner and the iris.

Given the severity of the ptosis, the impact it may have of the development of vision and the eyes and the young age of patients with BPES, it is advisable to (only) rely on the advice given by a physician.
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Lily has no effect on other symptoms or progression of any disease. Note: Results may vary depending on the nature, cause and severity of the ptosis and the way Lily is applied.

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